On the first day of Book Nook, my teacher gave to me…

a story under the tree!

Each class at Book Nook is full of many exciting adventures, but one of our favorites is story time.  Our little ones love moving from the round table to our story tree, a place that allows students to both relax and learn.  Story time not only helps to foster an early love of reading, it opens up so many worlds to explore.  Through asking our students questions, helping them to make inferences, and eventually story-mapping, we make sure they are getting as much out of each book – and journey – as possible. The kids love the coziness of our story tree so much that, more often than not, they ask to curl up underneath it with a book of their own rather than play!


 One of our current favorite reads is When It Snows by Richard Collingridge.  With a beautiful wintertime story (which touches on the magic of books!) and simple yet vibrant illustrations, it was just what we needed to get us ready for cold weather and the holiday season!

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