Start Up Investment

This chart outlines some key areas of the initial and ongoing investment. We help Wise Wonder Enrichment owners to open quickly. Learn more or become pre-qualified

Startup Investment $170,873 to $320,316 For one studio
Initial Franchise Fee $40,000
10% discount for US Military Veterans
2 studios: $75,000
3 studios: $105,000
On-going Royalty 7% of Gross Sales Paid Monthly
Brand Development Fund 1% of Gross Sales Also invest $1,000/month in local advertising and marketing
Grand Opening $10,000 Included in startup range to help launch the business

Training is included in the Initial Franchise Fee. Join us for 1 week in NYC at one of our studios there where you will learn our curriculum and programs, how to set up and manage schedules, use of technology and software, advertising and local marketing, as well as financial management and managing the overall business. You will get hands on, practical training and learn how to best operate your local studio.

After that, we offer additional training and support in your Wise Wonder Enrichment studio as you get ready to open. As an owner, you have our ongoing guidance to develop, grow and become an active part of your local community.

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