On the seventh day of Book Nook, my teacher gave to me…

seven fishies swimming,
six stickers sticking,

five books to read, 

four chirping birds,
three story maps,

two Play-Doh tools,

and a story under the tree!


The focus of any Book Nook class is educational, and our toys are no different. We incorporate many different activities into our classes to make sure our kids are always enjoying in themselves. To unwind after a lesson is finished, we bring out our robots and let the children discover new methods of play.

Robots are an excellent way to keep children expanding their fine motor skills. By winding up the toys, they are strengthening their hand muscles, which in turn improving their gripping and readies them for handwriting. This task also improves their focus and hand-eye coordination. They want to watch the dragonfly flap it’s wings or the penguin to waddle across the floor, and we encourage them to make these discoveries independently.


Our fish in a bowl is one of the many trinkets found after crossing the Book Nook bridge on their way to the classroom. This particular robot is a key component when comforting our little ones who have trouble separating. Watching the fish swim soothes and amazes them, and they look forward to helping us make this magic happen.

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